Female artist holding brushes and smiling in studio photoshoot


I am a portrait artist living and creating in between Germany and Spain , exploring our inner deeper feelings and subconscious thoughts and portraying them on large canvases. 
Social media has had a huge impact in my career because it allowed me to share inspiration and interact with artists and collectors across the globe. Growing a remarkable following on Instagram has given me the freedom to experiment, to pursue my concepts and strive away from the pressure of producing commercial work.

When painting, I am portraying beauty in its purest form: the woman. To me, each portrait is a story without words. I engrave emotion, mood and feeling on each unspoiled canvas, which turns into an original art piece. 

Woman wearing a white dress and blue glasses, wearing lipstick and smiling in studio photoshoot with paintings in the background
Female artist in front of large portrait painting laughing and holding a brush

Winning art competitions in my early childhood always made me aware of the connection I have with painting. 

A while back, in the middle of a soul-searching experience, I found myself having a deep desire for something more.

  That is what, after so many years, drove me to my brushes again, pushing me to experience and follow my heart, creating artwork that speaks to the soul.

Self-portrait of the woman artist wearing glasses, black nails and rings on her fingers
Art doesn’t have an end or a beginning. For me, art is constantly transforming, making you embark on a journey of self-discovery, reflection and creation. Art is so much more than a painting on the wall. Art just is.